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After 7 years of holding back the strongest headphone display, Apple Vision Pro was overnight blockbuster, priced at 25000 yuan, and the M2+R1 dual core revolutionized the computer's life

by PFTLCD 06 Jun 2023 0 Comments

Finally arrived! Apple's first Head Display Vision Pro debuted late at night, with stunning design and unparalleled interaction, it will surely lead the next decade in the new form of intelligent terminal devices!

Apple's headshot finally made us wait!

For this day, Apple has been brewing for 7 years.

The dove had been here for too long, and when it finally arrived, it appeared a bit unreal.

Cook, with a smile on his face, announced the appearance of One More Thing, a headshow that the world is waiting for with bated breath.

The price is 3499 US dollars, equivalent to over 24000 RMB, which is a price that ordinary people cannot afford.

However, the validity period of this ticket to the 'Apple Metaverse' is too short...

Coming out is the pinnacle! Apple's First AR Head Display Released.

The on-site display area of the Vision Pro at Apple is overcrowded. And I can't get a hands-on experience yet, I can only take exterior shots.

It has to be said that the illusion effect of the screen is really explosive.

From the appearance alone, Apple's first head display Vision Pro looks like a pair of ski goggles.

Of course, its design is quite mysterious - it is said that the head display has an independent battery pack that can be controlled through eyes, hands, and sound.

Although positioned as an AR device, in Apple's view, Vision Pro can be seen as a new type of computer that seamlessly integrates the real and electronic worlds.

Apple's statement is that this is the first Apple product that is' invisible but visible '.

Using only eyes/hands/voice to control, making it possible to "see through" and bringing us closer to science fiction movies.

What is more sci-fi? We are no longer limited to the screen.

The surrounding space has become an infinite canvas.

Here, not only can you freely use any app, but you can also adjust them to any size you like.

M2+R1 dual core support

Vision Pro can provide an extraordinary experience, which is a performance improvement brought by Apple's two chips.

It's not enough to have a cool and powerful M2 built-in, and Apple has also built a brand new R1 chip to ensure that what you see in front of you is without delay and realistic and natural.

The R1 chip is specifically designed for the challenging task of real-time sensor processing.

Obtain inputs from 12 cameras, 5 sensors (including 1 LiDAR sensor), and 6 microphones.

Apple claims that it can process sensor data within 12 milliseconds, eight times faster than blinking, which will greatly reduce the appearance of dizziness.

Revolutionary 3D interactive interface

For the first time in history, Apple has moved Home View to your home, your company, anywhere you are located.

This is undoubtedly a revolutionary step in the history of electronic product interaction interfaces.

And each element is endowed with an absolute sense of reality, allowing us to truly feel the scale and distance of the object.

Do you think the app is too small and not enjoyable to use? You can magnify it infinitely, big enough to burst out of the universe.

You can place the app wherever you want.

Moreover, you can adjust your immersion level by controlling the digital knob.

And as long as you take a look with your eyes, the app will automatically be selected by you.

With just a finger, the interface can easily slide.

By using your mouth, you can automatically start searching for what you want. Siri also plays a role in it.

The most magical thing about Vision Pro is that it won't isolate you from the people next to you. You can see them, and they can also see you.

This innovative technology is called EyeSight. It allows others to see your eyes.

And if you are in a full VR state, a glowing screen will cover your eyes, telling others that you are busy.

The strongest office artifact is coming

And when you work, the entire world becomes an app canvas.

These apps are now popping out of your screen!

With just one glance, you can smoothly transition from one app to the next, providing an unprecedented and enjoyable office experience.

Moreover, the head display is synchronized with iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Memos, information, photos, and documents can all be automatically updated through iCloud.

You can also receive 3D information, pull it into reality, and view it from various angles.

And because you can see other people, you won't be disconnected from the display just because you work with the head display.

Multi tasking is so easy. This is too dreamy!

The Mac can also be wirelessly connected to the Apple Vision Pro. With just one glance, the Mac screen can be placed in the position you want and then unfolded.

The main focus is on immersion

In a home environment, the head display will give you a panoramic photo of the surroundings.

It can be said that Vision Pro was Apple's first 3D camera.

And your room will become a private cinema. The movie will automatically change the space, adjust the lighting, enlarge the screen, and surpass your room.

The movie will automatically change the space, adjust the lighting, enlarge the screen, and surpass your room.

The VR experience is perfectly matched with 3D audio and video effects, allowing you to truly immerse yourself, as if the dinosaur has really reached out to you.

Or simply generate an infinitely large game screen anywhere.

On the occasion of Disney's 100th anniversary, Apple also joined forces with the Disney content ecosystem.

At any time, anywhere, you can enter the Marvel universe and become a part of the superhero legend.

Full visual and auditory range

This head display features two 23 megapixel Micro OLED displays, providing the best visual experience among current VR devices.

The specially customized three-layer lens combined with high-resolution Micro OLED ensures extremely high visual clarity, transparency, and portability.

Compared to mainstream consumer grade VR devices on the market, the entire visual solution, like this customized three-layer lens, is simply Next * 3 Level.

It also has a unique VR sound experience.

The sound effect of existing VR devices can only be said to be 'listen to it loud', but Apple can help you restore the entire sound world.

The "Apple level user-friendly" hand tracking technology allows Vision Pro to eliminate the handle natively.

This is also consistent with Meta's efforts in Quest.

Control everything with both hands, making the threshold for using Vision Pro infinitely low.

Metaverse Base visionOS

Of course, Apple also wants to create a new operating system for Vision Pro - visionOS.

The release of the new operating system marks an important moment for Apple and developers.

With the release of Apple's new Vision Pro, it is certain that a large number of developers will develop apps in the future. Attempting to leverage this new platform, hoping to become the next big hit.

Apple stated that visionOS is an operating system specifically designed for spatial computing, focusing on displaying various virtual digital elements in the real world.

As mentioned earlier, Vision Pro's interaction methods include eyes, gestures, and sound.

It is precisely visionOS that is able to harness these interactions and meet the expansion needs of reality in scenarios such as work, movies, and games.

VisionOS shares core modules with MacOS and iOS, but the difference is that Vision Pro has added a "real-time execution engine" for handling interactive visual effects.

There is also the first multi app dedicated 3D engine.

The 3D interface of visionOS extends the app beyond the boundaries of traditional displays, allowing these applications to be displayed side by side in different sizes.

In addition, VisionOS has launched some applications, including Unity running locally on Vision Pro, major software such as Microsoft's Team and Office.

There are medical software that can view anatomical maps, and an engineering app that can see physical phenomena such as airflow on real-world objects.

It is worth mentioning that the Vision Pro head display will adopt a unique biometric identity verification method, using iris scanning for the first time.

The Optical ID uses the camera in the headphones to scan the eyes, just like the Face ID scans the face.

In fact, it is almost identical to Face ID, but it uses a unique layout of a person's iris to verify identity.

Developer gift package for seamless migration to new platforms

Apple provides developers with a development environment that is almost identical to the previous ecosystem, ensuring that all developers can directly get started and co innovate with Apple's ecosystem.

Some developers have already experienced it in advance, showcasing the infinite possibilities of a rich ecosystem for future new platforms.

Whether it's productivity tools or entertainment applications, there are already new high-quality development paradigms.

Most existing applications will also be launched for the first time.

And the native support for Unity provides technical support for fully entering the "Apple Metaverse".

Cook on-site stated that Vision Pro is expected to be released in early 2024.

So, will it become the new 'iPhone' for the next decade? After watching this press conference, netizens expressed a lot of emotions.

ChatGPT+Apple Vision Pro, artificial intelligence+metaverse, infinite computing power+digital twin, humanity has finally arrived at the era where the boundary between "true" and "false" is the smallest and most blurred in history. Perhaps more people will understand that we have always lived in the virtual world, which may be the beginning of the awakening of the entire Earth.

But when One More Thing lights up on Keynote, it represents another rethinking of technology by the company and humanity on Earth. Vision is the starting point of all struggles, it is more ambitious, virtual and real, just one possibility, but Vision, infinite possibilities.

M2 Ultra

In addition to the highly anticipated head display, the latest M2 Ultra chip is also quite explosive.

Apple describes it as a 'monster in a chip'.

It is essentially two M2 Max chips connected to Apple's UltraFusion technology, with a 24 core CPU and up to 76 core GPU, which is 1% faster than the M30 Ultra.

It has a 20 core GPU, 16 high-performance cores, and 1 efficiency core. There has been a significant leap in performance compared to the original chip.

The M2 Ultra supports up to 192GB of memory, which is 50% more than the M1 Ultra. In total, there is 800GB/s of available memory bandwidth, as well as 32 core neural engines and 134 billion transistors.

Compared to the M1 Ultra, the Octane 3D rendering speed of the M2 Ultra can reach up to three times. In DaVinci Resolve, the video processing speed of color mixers can be increased by 50%.

Apple stated that a single system with this type of GPU can train machine learning tasks that cannot be processed due to the memory limitations of independent GPUs.

Mac Studio

Thanks to the M2 Ultra chip, the new Mac Studio has achieved significant performance improvements.

Specifically, the new Mac Studio is not only twice as fast as its predecessors equipped with M1 Ultra, but also enables designers using After Effects to improve rendering speed by 50%. It also enables developers to build new versions of applications using Xcode at an extremely fast speed, with a performance improvement of up to 25%.

Not only that, 3D designers working with Octane can increase rendering speed by three times, and color palettes using DaVinci Resolve can process videos 50% faster than before.

The new version of Mac Studio also has higher bandwidth HDMI, which can easily achieve a resolution of up to 8K and a frame rate of 240Hz.

Mac Pro

The arrival of M2 Ultra not only signifies the return of the long dormant Macbook Pro, but also the blessing of Mac Studio.

This is the first major update to Mac Pro in four years, and Apple has finally completed the transition to self-developed chips.

The new version of Mac Pro looks no different from previous versions of Intel, but there is a lot of mystery inside.

In addition to significant chip innovations, the new Mac Pro also includes 6 open PCIe Gen 4 expansion slots and 8 built-in Thunderbolt ports.

In addition, Mac Pro also includes three USB-A ports, two high bandwidth HDMI ports that support up to 10K resolution, two Ethernet ports, and a headphone jack.

IOS 17: Faster codewords, iPhone transforms into a bedside clock

The annual iOS update has arrived, the most anticipated experience for a wave of fruit fans.

This time, the significant changes in iOS 17 have made everyone's iPhone more personalized.

It mainly upgrades the communication experience of phone, FaceTime, and Messages, making AirDrop easier to share.

When the large model is integrated into the keyboard

The most important thing is that Apple has upgraded its keyboard directly to intelligence.

A few months ago, Jim Fan, the chief scientist of NVIDIA, shared his "genius idea" on Twitter and even received a repost from Musk, calling it "a valuable idea".

Apple has achieved this for you.

Jim Fan excitedly tweeted today that after watching WWDC, Apple has truly implemented the LLM driven keyboard I mentioned three months ago! The native Transformer model runs inference on the device and learns your typing mode. Perhaps this was done by LoRA at night?

The newly upgraded keyboard's automatic correction function has been fully updated, supported by the Transformer model.

This is a state-of-the-art machine learning language model for word prediction, which can improve your experience and accuracy every time you type.

In order to better support typing, sentence auto correction can correct more types of syntax error.

In addition, you will also receive online predictive text suggestions while typing.

This means that when you add an entire word or complete a sentence, it's as easy as clicking the space bar, making text input faster than before.

At the same time, the dictation function of the keyboard utilizes a new speech recognition model, which makes recognition more accurate and allows for the comprehension of "certain words".


In addition, iOS 17 has also launched new experiences, such as the handwriting app 'Journal'.

Also, even your iPhone can become a bedside clock.

IOS 17 has introduced a new StandBy feature that provides a full screen information experience.

When your phone is horizontally charged, it can turn the screen into a status display with date and time.

It can display information from Live Activities, widgets, and smart stacks, and can be turned on anytime you place your phone sideways.

In addition, StandBy can turn the display screen to red at night to avoid disturbing sleep.

Meanwhile, Siri has also been improved.

In the future, you don't need to say 'Hey Siri', just Siri to complete the task.

MacOS: Moving small pieces with heart

This time, Apple also unveiled the mysterious veil of the desktop operating system MacOS14- Sonoma.

This name comes from the wine producing region of Northern California, a small town in California.

Mac also has desktop widgets

The most highlight of Sonoma's update is its mobile widgets.

In the past, small components on the MacBook end could only be called out by sliding from the far right side of the screen.

Now, Sonoma's widgets can be moved and defined as they please, just like iPhone/iPad.

While working, browsing information without occupying the screen, improving efficiency every minute.

As a result, the interactivity of the widgets on MacBook has greatly improved, allowing you to play or pause media at any time, access various tasks such as home control.

In addition, through Continity, you can also connect with small components on Mac and iPhone.

Just bring the iPhone closer or link it to the same WiFi, and it's all done with one click.

Interestingly, these small components can intelligently change color based on your wallpaper color, providing a better visual experience and keeping you focused at the same time.

video conferencing

MacOS Sonoma brings enhanced video conferencing functionality, allowing you to showcase and share work more effectively in any video conferencing app.

Presenter Overlay is a brand new video effect that allows shared content to be sandwiched between characters and backgrounds.

In this way, the speaker appears before the shared screen.

In addition, Reactions can also create a happy atmosphere for you, such as seamlessly adding balloons, confetti, and heart shapes to the video to express your current feelings.

The leader was also delighted to see it.

The improved screen sharing selector simplifies the process of sharing applications during video calls.

You can simply click on the green button in the top left corner of the application, and then choose to share during a call, making it easy to share content from the currently open window.

Hideo Kojima: Bringing the game to the Mac, starting from the stranding of death

Now, the burst effect of playing games on Apple computers is about to be activated.

The latest computer operating system introduces Game Mode, providing a smoother and more consistent frame rate optimized gaming experience, ensuring that the game receives the highest priority CPU and GPU.

It is worth mentioning that Apple has also brought a brand new game called "Death Stranded Director's Edition", produced by the famous Japanese game producer Hideo Kojima.

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